Reckless Driving Traffic Stops In Fairfax

Traffic stops in Virginia often follow a predictable pattern: a stop, a ticket, and then a quote. Consult a local reckless driving lawyer who can help you manage your claim or charge. Typically, a siren in the rear-view mirror means someone is running away from a police officer. If you can’t move safely immediately, anyone … Read more

Mecklenburg Reckless Driving Lawyer

Most motorists in Virginia are aware of the dangers of speeding, especially in the early hours of the morning. However, not many motorists are aware that exceeding the speed limit can lead to serious injury and even death, as well as loss of life. If you have recently been charged with reckless driving or similar … Read more

Fairfax Reckless Driving Charges And Out-Of-State Drivers

Speeding is a big deal in Virginia, because if someone drives at a speed considered reckless, they can be charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor. Excessive speed is usually treated as a traffic offense in other jurisdictions, but speed violations in Fairfax, Virginia, are far more serious than in most jurisdictions because they can amount … Read more

Different Ways Reckless Driving Is Charged In Chesterfield

If you are charged in one of these cases, it is important to consult a Chesterfield solicitor to discuss your case and decide how to proceed. Reckless driving in Chesterfields means driving at high speed or in a manner that endangers life, limb or property. One of the most common types of traffic offences seen … Read more

Arlington Reckless Driving Lawyer

An Arlington attorney can provide you with the necessary legal representation in the event of a criminal complaint. Reckless driving is more than a minor offense, and a conviction not only leads to a one-way street rule, but can also lead to fines of up to $1,000 and / or a six-month prison sentence. Moreover, … Read more

driving without the insurance

In the Virginian state, driving without Insurance in Virginia is not safe, and the individual must purchase the auto insurance that will meet at least minimum requirements for insurance coverage. The minimum requirements for coverage include the death of the person $25,000 and the death of two persons for about $50,000 and the damage of … Read more

embezzlement lawyers in Henrico Virginia

Embezzlement is a considered as a serious crime in Henrico Virginia and conviction for a charge of embezzlement can be penalized with strict punishments. In Henrico Virginia, if you are convicted for the charge of embezzlement, then you may have to face heavy fines and jail sentence of many years. Considering the fact that there … Read more

Fairfax Virginia voluntary Manslaughter law

Manslaughter is the type of murder that is done unintentionally. The murderer attacks to the victim in anger but the severity lead to the death of the person. In Virginia, the voluntary Manslaughter is the killing of a person without any meditation. The killing occurs due to mutual combat or by defending himself from the … Read more

Homocide Laws in Henrico VA

Under the homicide laws in Henrico VA, homicide is considered as one of the most serious crimes. Under the homicide laws in Henrico VA, it is mostly presumed that a murder is in the second degree, given the factors needed to provide capital murder in comparison to those needed to provide second-degree murder. Homicide laws … Read more

Is driving without the license a felony

Is driving without a license a felony in Fairfax Virginia? In Virginia, the laws related to driving and traffic are very strict, and all those individuals who commit crimes like driving without a license and violating the rules ask the question that is driving without a license a felony in Fairfax Virginia?. They should be … Read more