Driving on a Suspended License in Shenandoah Virginia

Driving on a suspended license is a very serious offense in Virginia. The lawful instructions involved are complex and are often improved or affected by the DMV, government and courts. If you are accused with misdemeanor driving on a suspended license or felony driving on a suspended license in Shenandoah Virginia, it is an extremely serious crime. Even if the matter is being treated as a violation, a citation can be very costly and cause future difficulties with your license.

When your driving license is suspended in Virginia, your right to drive a car is suspended for a specific time period. During this time period, you are forbidden from driving. It means that you cannot drive to work, to go the doctor, to do errands, or to take your kids to school or their other activities.

When Can Your Driving License Be Suspended in Shenandoah Virginia?

There are so many reason for which your driving license can be suspended. Sometimes it is a minor offense like overlooking to pay a small fine. When your license is suspended, you are prohibited to drive a car, motorcycle and any self-propelled machine operated road or highway. However a moped is not included in the law as long as you are driving under 35mph. Shenandoah Virginia, takes very seriously the traffic laws and will suspend you license if you are not able to fulfill certain duties which include:

  • Failed to pay the court fine for and vehicle related offenses.
  • Failed to maintain insurance on vehicle
  • Not completing driver improvement clinic when required to take the course.
  • Failed to pay child support
  • Failed to pay jail fees
  • Being accused of reckless driving
  • Providing alcohol to a minor of already intoxicated person

Motorists who have caused an accident and who have no insurance or other financial capability to cover damage and injuries might also face license suspensions. Suspension is also normally a consequence of failing to pay child support. Some states allow for suspension on the grounds of a driver’s incapacity, including visual weakening, epilepsy, age, and diabetes.

Unfortunately, several drivers aren’t conscious that their license has been suspended unless they’re accused with driving on a suspended license. Whatsoever the real cause for your license suspension, it’s significant to contact a qualified driving on a suspended license attorney to fight your driving on a suspended license charges. Punishments for driving on a suspended license in Shenandoah are severe, including jail time and fines increasing with violations. Besides the likelihood of a jail sentence and having to pay a fine, the registrations of all the cars the penalized person keeps can be suspended for three months. Severe consequences will result from not only getting caught driving on a suspended license, but if you’re held while performing a main traffic defilement such as driving under the influence (DUI) or reckless driving. Similarly, you can also imagine higher car coverage premiums. This, of course, will hinge on on the policies of your insurance provider.