Fairfax Virginia voluntary Manslaughter law

Manslaughter is the type of murder that is done unintentionally. The murderer attacks to the victim in anger but the severity lead to the death of the person. In Virginia, the voluntary Manslaughter is the killing of a person without any meditation. The killing occurs due to mutual combat or by defending himself from the victim. According to Virginia’s law, both murder and manslaughter are same but the only difference is that murder is done with intention while later one is the death of victim accidentally. In case if the person is mentally disturbed that hypothetical person who might have acted on impulse without thinking before. The killing may be the result of emotional disturbance.

The manslaughter killing also occurs due to the result of the self-defense. In this situation he overreacts and to save himself he kills the other person. The killing due to “heat of passion” make him manslaughter in front of the court and he is charged with specific punishment according to Fairfax Virginia voluntary Manslaughter laws. Sometime a person trying for self defense and get cool on reaction but after a short time he kills the attacker then he will consider as a murderer as he was in his senses before killing.

Manslaughter charges from Virginia court

Virginia’s law explains the charges according to the situation of the killer at the time of manslaughter. The factors include

  • Innocence
  • Intoxication
  • Self defense
  • Accidental killing
  • Insanity

The punishment depends on one of the factors given above. The penalties range from the 1 to 10 years in the jail. The exact procedure depends on the rule of jurisdiction that is conducting and holding all the matter. The judge will make a decision after the complete hearing. In order to prove yourself as manslaughter, it is important to have complete prove and give your case to the capable lawyer.

Manslaughter defenses and where to file a case?

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Voluntary Manslaughter is considered as a serious crime in Virginia and other states of USA. It may result in severe consequences in case if the person is unable to prove himself properly. To avoid such situation and reduce the penalty as well as jail time it is important to handover the case to a team of skillful lawyers. Living in Fairfax Virginia and want to hire a lawyer than SRIS law group is an excellent option to consider. The lawyers will perform duty under the code of Virginia  §18.2-35. In order to get services from SRIS law group contact with confidence and get the best advisors for your case.