Virginia Reckless Driving ticket cost

The state of Commonwealth of Virginia is known for its strict laws, especially traffic laws. When you attempt to violate any of the traffic laws, you will face severe results. The offenses of traffic laws include reckless driving, speeding, DUI or DWI, etc. When you receive a traffic ticket for reckless driving, it means you have been charged with Class 1 misdemeanor which is punishable by 12 months of jail sentence as well as a monetary fine of up to $2,500. Virginia reckless driving ticket cost depends upon the intensity of the offense. Besides jail time and ticket fine, your driving license will also be suspended for a period of six months, and you will lose certain driving privileges. Generally, Virginia reckless driving ticket is issued on the basis of speeding if you are driving over 80 mph over the speed limit.

According to the Virginia Code 46.2-862, reckless driving defines as ‘driving at a speed of 20 mph or more irrespective of the applicable speed limit’. Virginia reckless driving ticket cost not only hampers your driving privilege but also mark your name as a criminal offender. Since violating traffic rules in the state is considered a crime, the police remain alert in apprehending those who do not pay heed to follow traffic laws persistently. When you find yourself unable to go against traffic ticket, you need to talk to a traffic attorney. The attorney is well acquainted of traffic laws and the cases related to it. He is also aware of how Virginia reckless driving ticket cost would affect your freedom of driving. There are few reasons through which your conviction could be reduced or revoked by the attorney. They are:

  • Your good driving record.
  • Your behavior with the police while issuing a traffic
  • The speed at which you exceeded the limit.

When you hire a lawyer, you first need to have some documents along with you, i.e., license copy, ticket copy, previous record, to ensure your full acquittal from your case. The lawyers have ample options through which your case will become trivial for court’s verdict. Though Virginia reckless driving ticket cost might not charge you abruptly for harsh conviction, your case will gradually become serious if you do not take any action against the ticket.

There are number of experienced traffic attorneys inhabited in the state who have successful record of winning traffic-related cases for their client. Whether the person is the first time offender or has committed multiple offenses, he will definitely find the fruitful result in his case. If you are the first time offender and facing Virginia reckless driving ticket cost for the first time, the judge may ask you to fulfill probationary jail period to get your record cleaned. However, the traffic attorney will assure you that your case will be dismissed much before the beginning of your probationary period either by making a plea deal either with the prosecutor or the judge. Moreover, the attorney will also strive to reduce your conviction if you possess bad criminal record of violating traffic rules. Therefore, assistance of a traffic attorney regarding your case will save your reputation as well as allow you to enjoy the hassle-free drive.