What is Difference Between Murder and Manslaughter

According to USA federal as well as states laws, there is the key difference exist between murder and the manslaughter. The former one is the intentional killing of the person due to some purpose while the latter is the unintentional killing of another person.

Types of murder and manslaughter

According to law murder is of three types

  • Capital murder: It is the serious type of the murder because the criminal kills another person because of intention. It is the murder on contract or murder by the prisoner.
  • First degree murder: The second type of murder involves the killing of another person by giving poison, imprisonment, deliberate, premediated killing, rape, inaminate or robbery, abduction, and burglary.
  • Second degree murder: All type of murders that are not defined lies in this category. Murder due to carjacking and robbery comes under this category.

The manslaughter crime has two types

Voluntary: it is the type of the manslaughter crime that involves the unintentional killing of the person. The criminal may be out of senses or with the heat of passion due to which he unable to control and kills another person.

Involuntary: it is also the unintentional death of the person. It involves the accident due to influence under alcohol or some other out of state mind.

Penalties for murder and manslaughter

State laws have defined penalties separately for both offenses. For homicide murder type the person is liable of imprisonment for a lifetime along with he has to pay fine more than $100,000. Capital murder comes in felony 1. The first-degree murder comes in class 2 felony. In this case, the prisoner is liable for imprisonment from 20 years to life time. the fine is not more than $100,000. The second-degree murder law state that the criminal is liable for imprisonment of 5 to 40 years with the fine, not more than $100,000.

The person can be charged a punishment from 1 to 10 years along with fine not more than $2500. The other states in the USA give the punishment like 3,6, or 11 years in state prison laws for manslaughter voluntary crime. For the second type of manslaughter crime, the criminal has to go to jail for 10 to 16 months depending on the charge on him. Like murder, manslaughter crime is also treated as a felony.

The state laws are strict and harsh about these crimes and do not allow any compromise on punishment. The criminal has to bear the penalty according to his sin.

Contact an attorney

For any type of the murder, the defender needs the help of an attorney to defend his case. This is because a legal advisor can search for the mitigating factors so that penalties can reduce somewhat and the criminal has to face jail for somewhat less time. The capable legal advisor can handle the case skillful especially for those having manslaughter charge on them the lawyer can prove their mental states so that the jury can make a decision and charge with reduced punishment level.